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Boho Chic Editorial

Boho Chic Editorial

This Editorial was inspired by the bohemian Daughter of Simone dress. The pieces all beautifully fell into place on a gorgeous Idaho river, lined with towering ponderosas. Blue, purple and white flowers were provided by, and with a little luck, as it was my first time arranging flowers, a wild flower bouquet and canoe garland were created. Overall I wanted to create a beautiful boho styled editorial that did not require too much styling but use what is naturally available.

Fashion: Daughters of Simone

Flowers: FiftyFlowers

Jewelry : AnnaMarguerite

Vlad Radion

As an avid outdoorsman, I’m always pushing myself–and my scars are the evidence. From falling through the ice on Payette Lake (while on a quick romantic get away–kind of a mood crusher) and crashing while mountain biking in the Boise foothills, I’d rather be at the forefront of adventure than in the back seat. I’ll take my scars over complacency any day. I crave a life of new experiences and desperately want this for you, too. I believe photography embodies freedom and exploration, so let’s adventure together. We’re swapping the stiff posing for kayaking, the forced smiles for hiking. Pick your adventure. I’ll bring the camera.